Industrial Product Lines...

Air Vent Inc., Fortifiber Building Systems, Master Lock, Dietrich Metal Framing, Tamlyn
  • Rebar - Domestic and Import
    - 3/4 -5/8 -1/2 - 3/8
          Pins 1/2 & 3/8
          24" 30" 36" 48"

  • Concrete Accessories
    Remesh - 150' and 50'
    Concrete Panels
    Bar Ties
    Rebar Chairs
    Expansion Joint

  • Rebar Fabrication
    Custom fabrication on almost all
       shapes and sizes

  • Fasteners - collated and bulk
    Nails - Roofing, common, bright box, casing, finish, duplex, spikes, sinkers, fence staples, hot dipped box, pole barn, galvanized deck nail, plastic cap, concrete, cut masonry

  • Poly - Black and Clear

  • Steel Strapping and Accessories
    3/4 x .023 Strapping
    Seal clips

  • Ventilation Products
    Turbines - 8" and 12"
    Slantback Roof Vents
    Square Roof Vents
    Power Cool Vents
    Foundation Vents
    Cornice Vents
    Shingle Ridge Vents

  • Roof Metal Edging
    Galvanized, Weatherwood, Brown, Black, White, Almond
    1x2, 1.5x1.5, 2x2, Style D, Z-Bar

  • Galvanized Rolled Flashing
    Lengths 10', 25', 50'

  • Custom  Louvers, Gables and Corbels
    Redwood, Cypress, Cedar, Galvanized Steel
    -Handcrafted wood louvers of any shape and size
    -Galvanized steel can also be made to fit any project

  • Chainlink
    Full line of chain link accessories

  • Pipe - black and galvanized

  • Drywall Accessories      

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